This week in Dapps: Ep. 14

bZx investigating a bug, Sushi return funds, Aavegotchi $GHST, ConsenSys acquires Quorum, DAI hits half a billion supply, TDL introduces reputation mining, and more!

DeFi 💸

  • bZx investigating a duplication incident with iTokens that dropped the protocol TVL. Know more

  • Sushi Chef Nomi returns $14M funds back. Know more

  • Fair Launch Capital is introduced. Read more

  • Torus Wallet is integrated into Aave. Read more

  • Fulcrum and Torque are now live. Read more

  • Native Compound Protocol is now live on Frontier. Read more

  • DShop announces Paypal and Printful integrations. Read more

  • passes $200 million in trade volume. Read more

  • Native $MATIC staking is now live on Frontier. Read more

  • Synthetix is now fully powered by Chainlink. Read more

  • DeFiDollar is consuming Chainlink’s Price Reference Data to maintain $1 peg. Know more

  • Gemini USD has now been added as a collateral asset to the Maker Protocol. Read more

Gaming & Collectibles 🎮

  • $GHST, the eco-governance token of Aavegotchi, powered by Aave, is introduced. Read more

  • Nine Chronicles' developer Planetarium HQ is now integrated with MakerDAO. Read more

  • Taurion Alpha Treasure Hunt 3 is now live and available for download. Read more

  • Battle Racers enable support for Arkane. Read more

  • Decentraland Game Jam 2020 comes to an end. Read more

  • Rarible announces NFT version of yinsure (insurance). Know more

Ecosystem Updates ⚒️

  • ConsenSys acquires Quorum. Read more

  • DAI hits half a billion supply. Read more

  • To celebrate the upcoming launch of $FRONT, Frontier does their first Community Drop. Read more

  • DEXTF Protocol v1 launches on mainnet. Read more

  • GoodDollar, a distributed basic income solution, is now live. Read more

  • TDL introduces Reputation Mining program. Read more

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Credits - Nikita Menon