This week in DApps: Ep. 12

Aave Protocol v2, Curve DAO & token launch, YAM Protocol bug, Mooniswap by 1inchExchange, DeFi-focused consortium by Huobi DeFi Labs, Yinsure by Yearn, Ethereum 2.0 Final Testnet launch, & more!

New Launches 🚀

  • Aave - introduces the Aave Protocol v2. Read more

  • Curve DAO & Token launch. Read more

  • Huobi launches DeFi-focused consortium with MakerDAO, Compound and more. Read here

  • 1inchExchange launches next-gen AMM Protocol Mooniswap. Read more

  • The DApp List’s Governance & Reputation mining. Read more

DeFi 💸

  • Aave - makes its first Credit Delegation on Aave protocol. Read more

  • YAM protocol bug leads to $750,000 loss. Read more

  • MakerDAO - adds Multiple Governance Polls. Read more

  • Augur Project and REPV2 are now available on Kyber Network. Read more

  • StormX and STMX are now available on Kyber Network. Read more

  • Matcha - surpasses $100 million in trade volume. Read more

  • dYdX partners with StarkWare to scale decentralized trading. Read more

  • Yinsure launch - Insurance by Yearn. Read more

Gaming 🎮

  • MakersPlace joins the Decentraland Marketplace. Read more

  • Decentraland is back with its Game Jam. Read more

  • Digix Partners with Axie Infinity In Gaming. Read more

  • Gods Unchained - Direct Challenge game mode is now live. Read more

  • Binance announces Sandbox (SAND) Token Sale on Binance Launchpad. Read more

Wallets 👝

  • Trustee Wallet - Integrates MakerDAO's Dai. Read more

  • Unstoppable Domains giveaway on Coinbase Wallet download. Read more

  • MEET.ONE wallet integrates Read more

Ecosystem Development ⚒️

  • Ethereum 2.0 Final Testnet Launched. Read more

  • Alchemy - has its official public launch. Read more

  • Total value locked in DeFi passes $6B. Read more

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