This week in DApps: Ep. 11

Robert Scoble in Somnium Space, Sorare sale touches $350K, Axie Sidechain, $1,000,692 earned by artists, The Graph raises $5Mn, Launch of DWeb search engine & more.


  • Katalyst and KyberDAO will go live tomorrow - 07.07.2020! Read more

  • 1inch touches 0.5 billion volumes on their exchange. Know more

  • Metacartel Ventures announces their 2nd investment in Know more

  • Launch of xToken - a platform for staking and liquidity strategies. Know more

  • InstaDApp launches Debt Swap. Learn more

  • Matcha by 0x launches to the public. Learn more

  • $1,000,692 earned by artists on SuperRare with 7287 artworks collected. Know more


  • Sorare closes $350k in sales during June, reported by Messari. Cristiano Ronaldo card sold for 59 ETH ~ USD 13,733.43. Read more

  • SportX v2.5 launched. Read more

  • Blockchain cuties provide sneak peek into new NFT presale with Matic. Read more

  • Polyient Games launches its public sale. Read more

  • Axie Infinity launches its own sidechain on Ethereum. Read more

  • Sorare signed a licence agreement with MLS players association, bringing more than 700 players to the platform. Read more

  • Decentral Games & Matic organising Virtual Meetup inside Tominoya. Learn more

  • Async art launches a TV app to showcase art. Know more

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  • Now you can jump in between metaverses, thanks to Somnium space. Directly enter & play in Decentraland without leaving Somnium. Know more

  • Robert Scoble joins Virtual Reality show & was interviewed by Artur Sychov - Founder & CEO - Somnium Space. Know more

  • Missing football? Watch Decentraland Moonshot World Cup in cooperation with DCL Core. Read more

  • Party inside The Sandbox metaverse during this pandemic. Know more

  • Total 7254 land pieces have been sold out during MoonSale by The Sandbox. View here

 Ecosystem Updates