This week in DApps: Ep. 10

$MTA & $BAL, $ZRX & $KNC to mint DAI, CoinGecko Candies, Blocklords beta launch, Kronoverse partners with ESL & Decks by Marble cards.


  • Mint DAI with $ZRX & $KNC. Collaterals approved & added. Know more

  • Launch of Flux - prediction market protocol built on NEAR. Know more

  • Ankr introduced one-click API to compound. Read more

  • 1inch exchange integrates DMM protocol for native support of interest bearing mTokens. Know more

  • Kyber community pool launch. Know more

  • Origin protocol announced 8 new partners that have launched ecommerce stores. Read more

  • Balancer launched their liquidity mining program. Read more

  • mStable introduced their protocol token Meta (MTA). Read more

  • 0x Protocol introduced 0x Labs and Periscope Trading. Read more

Gaming, Collectibles, VR & Marketplaces

  • Makersplace introduces CryptoCombat, art by Javier Arrés (inspired from Mortal Combat). Read more

  • You can now play Blocklords as they launched beta. Know more

  • Kronoverse forges partnership with ESL, one of the world’s largest esports companies. Read more

  • Gods Unchained rolls back to version 0.22.2 from 0.23 after facing stability issues. Know more

  • Decentral Games deploys a host on Tominoya named Chip to guide visitors 24x7. Know more

  • Blockchain Cuties introduces brand new tribute Cutie on NEO. Know more

  • Marble Cards launched Decks. Read more

  • Decentraland launches Genesis City Art Week. Know more



  • Web3 talks: State of the Blockchain Gaming, organised by Polkadot, Web3 foundation, Parity technologies, and BGA. Register now

  • We interviewed Aave’s Founder & CEO – StaniKulechov on Twitter to understand & learn about Aave under our DApp 101 series. Interview

  • CoinGecko launched Candies - collect Candies to shop. Know more

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