This week in DApps - Ep. 07

Updates from gaming, defi & more.

Gaming, Collectibles, VR & Marketplaces

  • ChainGuardians NFT PoS mining game - Sneak peek. View more

  • NBA Top Shot revealed token art. Watch here

  • Gods Unchained showcased - The Citadel of the Gods. Watch here

  • Earn DAI for arena battles in Axie Infinity. Read more

  • Splinterland moves from Steem to Hive. Read more

  • Splinterland - Cards in circulation worth US $4.7 Million. View here

  • Sorare moves from Loom to Ethereum. Know more

  • Infinite Fleet introduced their in-game currency $INF, issued on Liquid Network over Bitcoin. Know more

  • Marber Cards - Now you can check your cards using Google chrome extention. Built by Obi Hen Kenobi. Know more

  • CryptoAvatars to launch - platform for VR Avatars. Create, own & trade. Know more


  • Zapper - share your DeFi portfolio with a click. View here

  • 0x project partners with MakerDAO & Augur to give early access of Matcha to their communities. MakerDAOAugur

  • JellySwap integrates MakerDAO's Vaults & DSR. Know more

  • 1inch exchange introduces Chi Gastoken. Read more

  • 0x teamed up with Dune analytics to make 0x data publicly available. Read more

  • ParaSwap - Wallet & DApps can monetize now in a trustless & decentralized fashion. Know more

  • Frontier makes Staking on mobile possible. Partnered with Band protocol. Know more

  • SNX stakers can now track how their debt has changed over time. Know more

  • Maker has awarded the first bounties for 'Best Usage of Dai' to BattleDAO & MarbleCards. Read more

  • Unagii launched. Built by StakeWithUs, backed by SGInnovate & LuneX. Know more

  • Protofire builds a non-custodial solution that enables anyone to be a pool operator & perform the KyberDAO governance. Know more

  • Zapper integrates Uniswap V2. Know more

  • Dharma enable users to natively buy & sell ETH from their Dharma balance. Powered by Uniswap. Know more

  • InstaDApp integrates Aave connector to their docs. Know more

  • Curve moves toward governance model. Know more

Ecosystem Highlights

  • Santiment release list of Top-10 ERC20 projects by dev activity in May, 2020. Read more

  • InstaDApp enables building DApps with JS using DSA. Know more

  • OpenZeppelin audits COMP (Compound) distribution system. Read more