1inch’s cumulative merkle drop tool, dYdX on IOS, Lyra’s avalon upgrade, Meta partners with Polygon, Sorare & MLB Players partnership, and more 👀
Vesta’s XMint, ENS constitution book, HopProtocol's Hop DAO, Cryptovoxels is now Voxels, Parachain messaging by Polkadot, and more 👀
Maple Finance expands to Solana, DeFi saver’s liquidation protection, OpenSea acquired gem, metaverse's first ever marathon, and more 👀
NFT Index by Index Coop, Element’s fixed rate zaps feature, KeeperDAO is now Rook, MetaMask’s first hardware wallet integration, and more 👀
1inch on Fantom, Alchemix partners with Gelato, Uniswap’s Swap Widget, Sky Mavis $1M Bug Bounty program, Connext’s network upgrade, and more 👀
Balancer’s boosted pools, LooksRare’s public API, The Sandbox partners with Ledger, Solana on OpenSea, ⁠Ledger’s NFT-focused hardware wallet, and more…
Lyra integrates Gelato, chat feature by LooksRare, Element DAO, OpenSea soon on Solana, Unstoppable introduced renewal fees, and more 👀
1inch’s integration, Lyra’s GrantsDAO, Marketplace by GameStop, Illuvium’s staking V2 platform, first-ever virtual auto showroom in metaverse, and more…
Aave V3, Alpha Homora V2, Yuga Labs acquired CryptoPunks & Meebits, Bored Ape Yacht Club launched ApeCoin, and more 👀
Uniswap V3 deployment proposal by Celo, Gem integrates LooksRare, The Sandbox & World of Women partnership, Avalanche Multiverse incentive program, and…
Yield Protocol on Arbitrum, 1inch’s P2P feature, FTX partners with IndiGG, Kava’s $750M incentive program, Arbitrum AnyTrust chains, and more 👀
Yearn on Arbitrum, mStable & Polygon’s $100,000 joint initiative, OpenSea upgrades smart contract, Puma enters web3, and more 👀